How does the program work?

Our focus is simple, as we work up through the tiers of the program, we add in more flexibility & variety with the foods you eat! This will be accomplished through the attendance of weekly classes working closely with your health educator to gain momentum while acquiring the skills for long term weight-loss for life. 

Through the use of meal replacements, vegetables, fruits and physical activity our aim is to increase your motivation & momentum to help you see quick weight loss early on in the program. Then build off this early success with gradual addition of foods that will continue to promote weight loss and a new, HEALTHY YOU!

The long-term goal of this program is to create new, healthy lifestyle habits and provide education that will help you succeed in keeping your weight off through consistent practice of your new, healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Our intimate classes offer accountability, support and education. Giving each member an outlet to ask questions, feel heard and offer help on their individual path. 

Additionally, we offer small group training & personal training for all ability levels in several different class times at both of our locations to help ease even the most limited client back into exercise. 

If youre tired of starting over, gaining the weight back, feeling lost or are just READY for change, contact us to get started today!

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